TUM Asia currently has no in-campus accommodation facilities for students. Students will have to search for their accommodation personally, and usually the search is started prior to arriving in Singapore.

Typically, international students may first choose to live in student hostels when they first arrive in Singapore, and after they have made new friends in the university, they rent and share a private apartment with some other friends/ classmates. Alternatively, students are able to either secure housing opportunities in public housing flats, or apply to the graduate housing available with NUS/ NTU (NUS/ NTU housing is only applicable to students studying in the joint Master degree programmes).

More information about the prospect of housing rental in Singapore for international students can be found via a quick search on the Internet. The rent for a shared room at a student hostel will range from 400 to 700 Singapore dollars a month (typically requiring a stay of at least 6 months with a valid student pass), while the rent for a room in a public housing flat can range from 600 to 900 Singapore dollars. These figures are only estimates given for the purpose of reference.