You will either complete your programme in 2.5 or in 3.0 years.

If you have completed an articulated diploma from a local polytechnic at the point of admission, you are likely eligible to apply for exemptions from the Internship and some soft skill modules. With these exemptions, you can then finish the programme in 2.5 years.

If you did not complete an articulated diploma from a local polytechnic (including students who have completed GCE A Level, IB or other qualifications), you will not be eligible for exemptions. You will hence have to complete the full course with the Internship and soft skill modules, and you will likely finish the programme in 3.0 years.

The graduation ceremony is held only once a year, and students completing the programme in 2.5 years and in 3.0 years will attend the same graduation ceremony. However, students who have completed the programme earlier may start searching for a job earlier.

No other additional exemptions are available other than those stated above.