Master Degree Programmes

Our Master degree programmes are all self-financing programmes.

Payment of the tuition fees will be broken down into instalments (usually one instalment per semester). The total tuition fees for the various Master programmes are:-

ProgrammeTotal Tuition Fees* (S$)
Aerospace Engineering38,520.00
Industrial Chemistry48,150.00
Integrated Circuit Design34,240.00
Green Electronics34,240.00
Transport & Logistics31,350.00

The fees quoted above exclude Miscellanous Fees, living expenses, accommodation costs etc.

Bachelor Degree Programmes

The tuition fees for the programme may be adjusted every year. You may find the tuition fees for the past Academic Years on SIT's website (

Tuition fees can range from S$10,320 to S$37,782 per annum (tuition fee obtained from previous Academic Years) depending on the residency status of the student. 

Professional Certificate Programmes

Each module costs S$1,780.00*.

*inclusive of 7% GST